What do we do?

At the GameLab we develop simulation games, simulations, and game systems with a research objective.

The development of these instruments is scientifically driven. Together with Delft researchers, PhD candidates and students, often combined with external partners, the GameLab develops mature prototypes that can both be analog and digital games and have goals like learning, policy building, design or data-gathering.


Our tasks are the following:

  • Development of simulation games and simulations, in support of (internal) research
  • Prototype development (for/together with external clients)
  • Development of gaming technology
  • (Technical) facilitation of gaming and simulation sessions
  • Support of education related to simulation games and simulation
  • Consultancy of clients, researchers, and students on simulation games
  • Support of TPM in the dissemination of simulation gaming within the faculty and TUD in general


Herewith, the gamelab contributes to TPM’s endeavor to extend the scientific knowledge on the design, use and evaluation of simulations, simulation games, and game systems as analytical as well as design tools in complex, socio-technical systems research.